​How to Create a Home Spa

A few years ago, I worked the front desk at a local day spa. It was a wonderful atmosphere – soft, soothing spa music played over the speakers. It smelled clean and refreshing from the essential oils diffused throughout each room. Dim lighting, plush seating and a glass of cucumber water greeted each guest as they waited for their services.

It was a luxury that only a select few could afford on a regular basis and surely a once-in-awhile treat for many others, including myself! In my time there, I gained an interest in how I could recreate the spa experience in my own home (and for a fraction of the cost).

how to create a home spa

Why Create Your Own Home Spa?

A home spa allows you to tailor the spa experience to your needs, on your schedule and within your budget. The equipment and set up are entirely up to you – whether you want to dedicate an entire room as a home spa or just invest in a few pieces of equipment for the treatments you use most often.

There are many reasons to create a home spa – here are a few of the reasons I decided to set up my own:

  • reduce stress

  • improve sleep

  • ease aches and pains

  • enjoy a higher quality of life

  • save money on regular spa treatments

  • relax on my terms and schedule

  • look and feel my best

Creating your own home spa can take on many forms, but at the end of the day it’s really about how it benefits you. Whether it’s reducing stress through regular massages, taking better care of your skin or just creating a more relaxing environment, the reason for creating a home spa is all about your needs.

The Top 3 Home Spa Myths…Debunked

For all of the benefits of creating your home spa – there will always be a few myths floating around out there.

Myth #1: Creating a Home Spa is Expensive

Actually, this couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, the money saved on pedicures, manicures, massages and more is one of the biggest reasons to create a home spa.

It’s true that some spa tools and equipment can be expensive, but there is also something for every budget. For instance, massage chairs can run into the thousands, but there are a number of massage tools that are just as effective at a fraction of the price.

However, when you look at the cost savings of purchasing your own equipment for home use versus regular spa treatments, the savings are staggering. Here’s just a quick example:

Regular massages at my local day spa run about $110 for an hour, including the therapist’s tip. If I were to get a massage once a week – that would be over $400 a month in services. But, I could also outfit my home spa massage station with a foot, neck and back massager for half that amount, and enjoy a massage every night of the week if I wanted to.

Myth #2: Home Spa Equipment is Inferior to Professional Services

Home spa equipment is just that: spa tools that are made for home use. That doesn’t make them any better or worse than professional services. In fact, you can get great results with many of the tools recommended throughout this site.

However, what home spa equipment isn’t, is a replacement for is professional services when you need them. For instance, I still see a professional massage therapist if I have a knot in my back that I just can’t shake. And, I’ll still be getting my nails professionally done for my best friend’s wedding.

A home spa is great for relaxing after work or on the weekends without spending a ton of cash. And, depending on your equipment, it can be an inexpensive way to maintain a manicure, pedicure or your skin between visits to your regular pro.

Myth #3: I Have to be a Licensed Professional to Get Professional Results

Whether you’re giving yourself (or a partner) a massage, manicure, pedicure or some other spa treatment at home – this simply isn’t true. The results you get from a home spa treatment largely depends on the quality of your tools and your level of ability. Of course, as they say – practice makes perfect and I don’t mind practicing pedicures on myself at all, thank you very much!

Licensing means that you are able to perform those services on others and to charge a fee for doing so. While there is an educational and vocational component to that, it doesn’t guarantee that that person will give you professional results.

Setting up Your Home Spa with the Right Equipment

How you create your home spa is up to you. There are no rules that say you must get a massage chair or pedicure station, although both are a wonderful investment. The equipment you you decide to outfit your home spa with is your choice.

Massage Tools

If the spa experience is all about the massage for you, then you’ll definitely want to check out the section on massage tools. We’ve researched the best massagers to help you unwind and relax. From massagers to help you loosen those neck muscles to foot massagers you can enjoy a glass of wine with, we’ve got you covered.

Spa Tools for Skincare

Spa-time isn’t just about the massage – it’s also about looking your best. Skincare is one of the most important aspects of any spa – even a home spa. And by that, we don’t just mean facials. After all, hair and nails are skin too.

Here, you’ll find everything from the best foot spa machines and the top 5 paraffin baths to everything under the sun on how to take care of your skin and look younger. All in the comfort of your home, of course.