Best Fogless Shower Mirror Reviews

Best Fogless Shower Mirror Reviews

Fogless shower mirrors seamlessly incorporate showering and shaving into one spa-like experience. However, with a variety of brands and features to choose from, finding the best fogless shower mirror can be overwhelming.

Inferior models suffer from poor mounting capabilities and a lack of features. Some brands inflate prices by including features you may not need. All in all, it’s important to know what to look for prior to purchasing a fogless mirror for your shower.

Finding the Best Fogless Shower Mirror for 2017

By cross referencing hundreds of Amazon reviews, we have narrowed our selection down the 5 best fogless shower mirrors to date. This buyer’s guide will give you a brief overview of features to look out for, along with what we think are the best on the market.

Best Shower Shaving Mirror: KEDSUM Fogless Mirror

best shower shaving mirror

The Kedsum fogless mirror proves that quality does not need to be sacrificed at the altar of affordability. This mirror has a brilliant silver frame that is both attractive and easy to clean.

The ergonomically designed arm has a full 360 degrees of rotation and can be used just about anywhere in your shower or bathroom. It also comes with a razor holder that can hold a variety of toiletries from razors to toothbrushes securely.

The Kedsum fogless shower shaving mirror attaches to ceramic, marble, acrylic, porcelain, enamel, and glass. Just make sure the surface is dry before you attach and the base is locked so it stays on the wall.

Like other fogless mirrors, this one requires you to fill up a cup with warm water to keep it fog-free. However this fogless shaving mirror is notable for needing much less water than others.

It is recommended you use 140 degree water when filling it up for the best fog-free shaving experience. If you are looking for the best shower shaving mirror to give as a present or to use yourself, Kedsum is the way to go.

Best Portable Shower Mirror: Mirror On A Rope

best travel shower mirror

The ReflectX by Mirror on a Rope may well be the best travel shower mirror out there. It’s slim, lightweight, shatter-proof and comes with a soft carrying case. The best part is, it can easily fit in your luggage and can be hung up anywhere.

Mirror On A Rope has also made this mirror of the industry’s toughest back coating. It offers protection from just the kind of mishandling that can happen when packed into luggage.

The backing is made of a vinyl coating which helps extend the fog-free action. Of course, because the mirror can also be hand-held, its easy to rinse off as well.

One other plus for the RelfectX fogless shower mirror: it’s easy to clean. Most other mirrors tend to scratch or lose their luster with cleaning. Maybe it’s because of the protective coating, but this fogless mirror holds up well, even after multiple cleanings.

Best Detachable Shower Mirror: ToiletTree Fogless Mirror

best detachable shower mirror

This attractive shower mirror is both functional and affordable. The ultra modern frame comes in silver, white, and black. And, the battery-operated LED lights around the edge ensure you can see all the details while shaving or cleansing your face.

Simply filling the back of the mirror with hot water before you take a shower will keep it completely fogless. By warming up the mirror from behind, it helps repel hot water vapors that tend to stick to the face of the mirror.

The mounting is simple too – no hooks or suction cups needed. Instead, it uses removable double sided silicone tape that attaches to most surfaces. As a bonus, it includes an easy-to-use shelf that is great for razors, tweezers and other small utensils.

A plastic casing ensures it won’t leave rust or discoloration spots on your shower tile.

One reviewer commented that they have used this just about every day since March 2011 – making it well over a 1,000 uses. Other reviewers rave about the low price point, the tilt function, and the amazing customer service.

​Best Magnifying Mirror: Upper West Collection Fogless Mirror

best magnifying mirror

With over 2,000 reviews, the Upper West Collection fogless mirror has been commended for its style and top notch features. This circular mirror comes in with 2x magnification so you can tweeze and shave with meticulous attention.

If you want an even more in depth experience, a 3x magnification version is also available. It comes with a cup attachment that fits on ceramic, porcelain, marble, and many other surfaces.

For superior usability the Upper West Collection has a 360 degree swivel that can easily be locked into place. This locking mechanism also safeguards the mirror from accidentally falling from the wall.

This could easily be the best fogless shower mirror, except for one small flaw. Some have said that the swiveling mechanism causes the mirror to protrude a bit. However, that can be easily fixed by setting the mirror at the correct angle.

​Best Lighted Shower Mirror: Brookstone Fogless Mirror

best fogless shower mirror with lights

Brookstone is a company known for being on the cutting edge. Their fogless mirror shows why they are often the first thought when it comes to innovation.

The Brookstone fogless mirror is unique compared to others because it holds water on top instead of behind. This makes it easy to fill up and maintain a clear surface.

The stainless steel mirror is shatterproof and comes with a complimentary razor holder and squeegee.

What sets this Brookstone mirror apart from others is the LED lights along the edges. Just put in 4 AA batteries and hit the button to give yourself some much needed lighting. Three suction cup attachments easily adhere to any flat tile or mirrored surface.

While a bit pricey when compared to many others, this fogless mirror is one of the best and backed by the Brookstone brand.

​How to Buy the Best Fogless Mirror

Fogless mirrors use a simple yet unique technology. While it varies from brand to brand, there is typically a cup to hold hot water. This offsets the heat differential and prevents fog from settling on the surface.

However, just because the science behind fogless shower mirrors is simple, doesn’t mean that choosing one necessarily is. We’ve done the research and determined that there are 3 factors to take into consideration if you want to buy the best fogless shower mirror.

Mirror Size & Shape

A pretty straightforward, but integral part of the buying process. It is important to determine the best shape for your needs. Sometimes manufacturers overwhelm the mirror with a gaudy border.

Mirror shape is not just an aesthetic choice, but also a practical one. Putting a square peg in a round hole doesn’t typically work, nor will a tiny mirror be beneficial if you need to see your entire face at once. Most of these products come in either rectangular or round shapes. So make sure you get the one that is best for the face that will be looking at!

Mounting Hardware

Mounting typically falls into two separate categories: suction cups and hooks. Suction cup mirrors are easily attachable to almost any ceramic or porcelain surface.

Hooks are slightly more finicky, as they need to be attached separately to the surface and then the mirror is added after. However, hooks tend to be more stable, but not as easily adjustable. A much rarer type is rope. This involves the fogless mirror hanging from the ceiling or shower head and is a great choice for travel.

Miscellaneous Features

Features such as razor holders, lights, and the ability to swivel vary in importance depending on your needs. The razor holders are typically found along the bottom part of the mirror and are a great way to keep your shower organized. Some built-in razor holders don’t always work with all razors, so make sure you get one that is the proper size.

Sometimes manufacturers will put a set of LED light long either side of the mirror. While useful in their own right, these lights occasionally suffer from not being strong enough.

Finally, suction type mirrors can swivel up to 360 degrees. This feature has varying usability depending on where the mirror is situated and the person using it.

Bottom Line

Fogless shower mirrors are great for shaving and cleansing your face. Hot water has been noted by dermatologists as the perfect way to open up your pores and soften facial hair. A fogless mirror can help you streamline your bathroom ritual by combining showering, cleansing and shaving in one spot. With so many affordable and well made items on the market, it doesn’t have to be hard to find the best fogless mirror to meet your needs.

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